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After the interview

March 21, 2010

The interview in Boston I thought went well.  If all goes well next week will be the 2nd interviews. 

A few thoughts regarding the day:

I had a full tank of gas Friday morning,  by Saturday night I was on E.

Parking at the Alewife Subway Station is now $7, it used to be $4.  Had I known that I could have taken the commuter rail train & subway for under $20 round trip.  I’d still have a full tank of gas.

I wore a fedora with my suit.  If it works for Datechguy perhaps it works for me.


A light at the end of the unemployment tunnel?

March 18, 2010

I spent 8 hours the other day on craigslist,, careerbuilder, and many other job search websites filling out applications, emailing resumes, and completing online assessments.

Well yesterday I got a call back.  I spoke briefly about my experience and was asked to come in Friday afternoon at their location in Boston.

I’ve got my suit at the cleaners, my car is full of gas, and I’m ready to go!