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Nancy Drew & The Case of the Missing Sign

October 16, 2010

DaTechGuy and I have been doing a little back and forth regarding the amount of each candidate’s signs in the city of Fitchburg, Massachusetts for the seat in the House of Representatives. 

For those who are unfamiliar with the contest, Bill Gunn (R) is challenging Congressman John Olver (D) for the 1st District in Massachusetts.

Last week DaTechGuy posted on his blog about my observations. I especially like that he used my one-liner for the title.

Anyways, I was driving around town today and noticed something about a certain area.  I’ll post two pictures.  One from October 8 and one from October 16.  Lets see if you can find the difference in it.

Photo taken morning of October 8. 

Location intersection of Franklin Road & Depot St.

Photo taken October 16.

Franklin Road & Depot St.

Do you see the difference?

What happened to the Olver sign? 

Yesterday it was very windy.  Perhaps it blew over.   I checked it out and did not see any Olver sign in the immediate area.  Also if that was the case wouldn’t the other signs have fallen over too?  There must be some other explanation.

What about dare I say witchcraft?  DaTechGuy noticed a few weeks ago that an Olver sign would appear one day then it would transport to a new location.  So I ask, is John Olver a warlock?  Does he cast magic spells to move his signs all along town?  I checked his website,, and it says nothing to the fact of him being a warlock.  He doesn’t deny it either like in this campaign ad from Deleware

I turned to Google to provide me an answer.  I asked google to search for “John Olver is a Warlock”.  It produced no results.  To be fair I also searched “Christine O’Donnell is a Witch” and got 29 Pages of Results!  So according to Google  John Olver is no warlock.  So it cannot possibly be witchcraft.

Is someone going around town and taking down and moving Olver signs?  A sign was moving around on John Fitch Highway as discovered by DaTechGuy.

This could be confirmed if in each sign was inserted a tiny microchip and tracked by a Political Scientist.  (Isn’t that was a political science degree is for?)  Until a politicologist conducts such research it cannot be confirmed and can only be classified as plausible.

We’ll have to wait and see if it shows up again.