“We the People”

You know what is a pet peeve of mine?  Its when a politico pulls out his little constitution pamplet to use as a prop and says the first three words of the constitution are ‘We the People’ the follow up with a statement referring to the countries founders principles.

Well, I think immediately about that same document and what it said in 1787 , and ratified in 1788, Article I, Clause II, Section III the words ‘three fifths of all other Persons’ referring to the counting of slaves.

Yup, that politico wants us to return to slavery, a time before the suffrage of women, & a time to fight the indians,

I chuckle.

4 Responses to ““We the People””

  1. DaHospitalityGuy Says:

    I agree with you. I just chuckle with all the returning to the roots of our founding fathers jibberish.

    Didn’t the also travel by horse and read by candle light?

    Just think, Paul Revere just could have told all his followers on facebook & twitter that the British were coming from the comfort of his own home or by blackberry/iphone.

  2. Roxeanne de Luca Says:

    From a con law perspective, the Constitution does incorporate duly enacted Amendments, so “We the People” is not limited to white, over-18, property-owning males.

    It always makes me laugh when people pretend that subsequent Amendments somehow show that the foundation of the Constitution is weak. The Framers knew that their best was not good enough and wanted a document that could stand the test of time, so they included this Article V thing in there, wherein the document in question can be amended. It’s like an employment contract that allows for reviews and raises; that you later got a raise hardly means that the underlying employment contract was a piece of garbage; in fact, it means the opposite.

  3. DaHospitalityGuy Says:

    So you argue that this document allows for amendments to be made in order to improve the people’s rights and privledges as citizens. So passing something which can later be amended and made better must be a good thing.

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